ModUcom’s Position on NENA’s NG9-1-1 Efforts

ModUcom has been involved in the development of various migratory and interim Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) solutions for a number of years. ModUcom continues to work with our technology partners in the refinement of these technologies, with the ultimate goal of attaining NENA’s vision of the NG9-1-1 Emergency Services IP Network (ESInet).

ModUcom recognizes and supports NENA’s NG9-1-1 vision by:

  • Participating in NENA’s NG9-1-1 Partner Program.
  • Participating in the planning and execution of testing in NENA Industry Collaboration Events (ICE).
  • Working with our technology partners to test newer NG9-1-1 functions and interfaces that were not tested in previous NENA Industry Collaboration Events.
  • Participating in the Long Term Development (LTD) working group for the refinement of the interfaces between the various components in the NG9-1-1 ESInet.
  • Participating the PSAP Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) working group for the refinement of functional and interface requirements so that ModUcom’s PSAP CPE solutions will interface seamlessly with the other components within the NG9-1-1 ESInet.

ModUcom recognizes that the migration toward the NG9-1-1 system is an evolutionary process. As a result, our company continues to enhance console system software, ensure that our customers keep abreast of this evolving technology.

About ModUcom

Founded in 1978, Modular Communication Systems, Inc. (ModUcom) designs and manufactures communication control systems for radio and telephone in Public Safety, Utilities, Transportation, and Petroleum industries.

ModUcom’s mission is to protect against costly obsolescence with innovation, advanced technology and competitive pricing.