About ModUcom

Modular Communication Systems Inc. (ModUcom) is the preferred choice among first responders, dispatch centers, utility operators, and public servants for their radio and telephone communications Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) needs.

The public counts on prompt emergency services. Those emergency dispatchers count on ModUcom.

Girl on Computer MCSince 1978, we’ve maintained this lasting distinction because we believe relationships are as fundamental as technology. In fact, ModUcom validates your choice to collaborate with us by continuing to support every product we have ever manufactured in our more than three-decade history.

If you work for an organization that handles public funds or you’re responsible for fiscal oversight, you’ll appreciate our total cost of ownership (TCO) model every bit as much as our technology. With every investment in ModUcom’s completely integrated technology, you can expect free software upgrades and lower maintenance costs. These standard, free updates and easy-to-maintain systems add up to a typical TCO savings of more than 50 percent over competitive models.

ambulanceAs the industry evolves to the Next Generation 911 (NG9-1-1)
initiative, our commitment to offering responsive service, financial stewardship, efficient management, consistent performance and the lowest TCO will remain permanent. And that’s an obligation we protect as fiercely as you do public safety.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide communication solutions that emphasize ease of use, maintainability, and the benefits of our total cost of ownership model, which include low maintenance costs on top of free upgrades to the life of your Moducom system. With the rapid adoption of current NENA i3 standards, we believe in offering our long time customers and our new ones, with a cost effective migration plan that won’t require a new setup.
At Moducom, we connect the community to those who protect it by providing innovative, reliable, and cost effective communication technology to the first responders and emergency dispatchers who value the safety, health, and wellbeing of the public as much as we do.

Vision Statement

Moducom strives to strengthen communication in mission-critical environments by pledging unmatched customer service and technical support on top of the cutting edge E9-1-1 solutions we’ve been supplying for the last 35 years. As leaders in the industry, our vision is to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of public safety by providing state-of-the-art technology to those who protect their communities with pride.