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First Responders

ModUcom is the preferred choice among first responders, dispatch centers, utility operators and public safety agencies for their critical communications needs.


“The Industry Leader in Radio, Voice and NG911 Integrated Solutions”

ModUcom is a manufacturing company that designs, builds and deploys Public Safety, Government and Private Industry Radio Communications Consoles and/or NG911 Telephone Dispatching Systems. Dispatch Centers employing Moducom consoles can accept 911 emergency requests and handle non-emergency telephone calls, as well as dispatch First Responders to address Public Safety situations or dispatch non-emergency personnel to address and report on routine operations.

ModUcom is the only fully integrated Radio and NG911 console provider that houses both technologies in one integrated platform system, while retaining the versatility to down-scale and address any of these needs individually.

ModUcom offers the most advanced combined solutions after over 40 years of continued engineering, design and manufacture of the most robust technology in the INDUSTRY.

what we offer


ModUcom offers open engineering and design solutions dedicated to fit your needs. If we don’t have your exact need “today,” we will design, engineer and manufacture your requirement “tomorrow.” Contact us for all your needs today and desires or requirements for the future.  


Radio communications "dispatch" Console systems

    • Analog system interface
    • P25 Integration
    • RoIP (Radio of Internet Protocol)
    • Radio Systems Integration (patching)
    • Integrated receiver site voting
    • Full Integration to Wireline, Wireless, Microwave and Fiber Control
    • Unit Identification
    • Voice logging and reporting


Integrated 9-1-1/radio dispatch


    • VoIP
    • Wireless
    • Wireline
    • Texting
    • Video
    • GPS Tracking
    • Mapping Solutions
    • Call logging and reporting of voice and data


Command and Control for Government and Specialized Industry

    • Conceptual Design
    • Engineering
    • Full Integration to Disparate Systems

Remote Dispatch Center Connectivity and Control

Remote EOC “Emergency Operations Centers” Connectivity and Control


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our company philosophy

“Public Safety” and “Emergency Operations” should be provided with their exact needs to fulfill their sworn commitment to service and protect the “Public”.

ModUcom will step to the challenge and provide the solution, working with Public Safety Officials everyday.

You have a commitment to public safety.

We have a commitment to you.


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