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The public depends on the work of the government, and the government depends on us.

At Moducom, we pride ourselves on working with federal agencies that safeguard the public good. From defense, to forestry, to airport security, Moducom promises to protect and serve the public and the environment with its advanced communication solutions.


Our Solutions

Moducom’s communication solutions improve productivity within federal agencies and facilitate collaboration between agencies and other organizations. With our interoperable systems, government agencies can communicate with each other seamlessly, providing for fluid and efficient information transmission. When there’s an emergency, Moducom’s technology can dispatch data to different locations regardless of equipment differences. With our total cost of ownership model, federal agencies can transition to P25 compliant technology without skipping a beat. This means saving money on new equipment, and saving time on setup with the help of our expertly trained technicians and local partners.


Moducom has remained an industry leader for three decades due to our innovation in design, and our achievements:

Pioneered the all-digital console

Introduced 100% user programmability

Led adoption of a working VoIP solution

Conceived systems that are most flexible, reliable, and cost-effective in industry

Just some of the cutting edge features we include in Moducom’s UltraCom IP are:


Built-in Voting Comparator

Instant Call Recorder

On-key help

Programmable CW/ID for all channels

Logging recorder

SIP/VOIP admin phone interface

Analog phone capability

Our Solutions

Integrated 9-1-1 / radio dispatch

A complete mission-critical communication control system that manages radio, p25, telephone, E9-1-1, NG9-1-1, VOIP and mapping resources. 



Radio Dispatch

Communicate with field personnel in one seamless user interface.


9-1-1 call processing

Easily manage the complex array of information and communications present in today’s modern dispatch environment. 



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