Radio Dispatch

The Ultra-Com IP Radio Dispatch is a component of ModUcom’s powerful Ultra-Com IP Integrated Communication Solution which includes P25 CFSI, Conventional Radio and Built-In Voting Subsystem. Its primary purpose is to allow a dispatcher to manage the complex array of information and communications present in today’s modern dispatch environment. The Ultra-Com IP allows a dispatcher to perform tasks such as communicate with field personnel via conventional and P25 radio base stations, answer E9-1-1 and NG9-1-1 phone calls, place admin phone calls, monitor alarm status information, and control auxiliary equipment in one seamless user interface.

Key Features

  • P25 CFSI compatible
  • Built-In Voting Comparator
  • Built-In Dual Instant Recall Recorder
  • User programmable GUI
  • Optional MIS system
  • Free Software Upgrades