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Ultra-Com Software Version 12.0.0 Release

The long awaited Ultra-Com Version 12.0.0 has finally been released after months of ModUcom’s engineers perfecting the newest software. The Ultra-Com software has been updated with new enhancements and features and is optional for all customers that meet the minimum system requirements. This major upgrade provides customers with a long list of improvements and new features. Changes to the software include:
  • A new Map Viewer option that supports new map formats and image layers. It is based on the ESRI ArcGIS Engine
  • Support for Text-to-911 using either the MSRP or the RTT protocol. The text from Text-to-911 calls is recorded in the E911 Server Database and can be printed as part of the call detail report
  • New user interface enhancements such as gradient backgrounds for screens and buttons, as well as rounded button corners for a modern look and feel
  • Ability to perform automatic ALI refresh requests
  • Application name changes: “Run Mode” is now called the “Ultra-Com Dispatcher” and “Design Mode” is now called the “Ultra-Com Designer”.
Ultra-Com Version 12.0.0 also includes updates to the E911 Server AdminApp application (AdminApp Version 7.0.0) which includes:
  • Support for SQL Server Express 2014 for new systems resulting in significant cost savings
  • New Web based E911 search & statistics utilities such as Call Search, Abandoned Calls, E911 Statistics, and Diagnostics. The Call Search and Abandoned Call utilities include enhanced features making searching for calls easier
  • Completely new design for the database schema which now supports storage of NG9-1-1 call data including enhanced location information and new media types.  
    Ultra-Com 12.0.0 Demo

    Ultra-Com 12.0.0 Demo

This new software version requires Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1. Customers with Radio Dispatch will be provided upgrade instructions by the ModUcom technical support agent and may perform a field upgrade by themselves. Those customers with E911 can also upgrade so long as the Ultra-Com E911 Server is configured to support a new database. This upgrade will be performed by the ModUcom technical support agent via remote access. ModUcom’s Ultra-Com Version 12.0.0 will help your PSAP prepare for the impending transition to NG9-1-1 standards with our approach to Text-to-911. The Ultra-Com is one of the pioneering communications solutions that spearheaded the movement toward Text-to-911 in support of easy access to 9-1-1 by the hearing impaired. With millions of people in the US with access to mobile phones, Text-to-911 is becoming one of the most important changes to take place in 911 history. In support of the Text-to-911 solution, ModUcom has worked with multiple vendors at NENA ICE Events and in vendor testing labs in order to test interoperability between different systems and equipment. The Ultra-Com system with Version 12.0.0 is one of the most advanced communications solutions in the industry today. Each powerful new feature was designed with the user in mind, so every component of the system is intuitive and easy to use. In addition to its ease petof use, the Ultra-Com system can help your organization save money by providing free telephone technical support for the entire system, for the life of the system. With these lower maintenance costs and free telephone technical support, ModUcom can help save you thousands of dollars every year. As the industry leader in providing state-of-the-art communication solutions, it’s our job to provide the public safety community with technology that will help them protect the public effectively and efficiently. For more information regarding the Ultra-Com system and Version 12.0.0, visit the ModUcom website at www.moducom.com, or call for sales or technical support at 818 764 1333.

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